X Series


The X-platform series is a dedicated high speed inline automated X-ray inspection system for the inspection of PCB-assembly boards for single/multipanels or samples in trays. The system offers market leading inspection speed and is ideal for low-mix high-volume production environments

Matrix X Series

High Speed Automated X-ray Inspection


    • High speed AXI system for inline configurations
    • Microfocus X-ray tube (seal tube / maintenance free)
    • Multiple programmable motion system with servo drives
    • Digital CMOS flatpanel detector
    • Automatic grey-scale and geometrical calibration
    • Barcode scanner for serial number and product type selection
    • Full product traceability via customized MES-Interface


    • Hardware setup dedicated to PCB inspection
    • High speed setup for inline pass through configuration
    • High oblique angle

Standard Configurations

    • SMT Setup for component and solder-joint inspeciton on PCB, hybrid or chip level assembly processes


    • Transmission X-ray imaging (2D) with patented Slice-Filter-Technique™
    • Off-axis technology (2.5D)
    • 3D SART (Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique)


Depending on the type of product and inspection task

    • X2Transmission (2D) + SFT™
    • X2.5Transmission (2D) + SFT™ + Off-axis (2.5D)
    • X3Transmission (2D) + SFT™ + Off-axis (2.5D) + 3D SART

Additional Options

    • Barcode scanner for serial number and product type selection
    • Auto BCR scanning station (x-y gantry)
    • Low dose radiation filter

BGA HiP in 2.5D


PTH Inspection


QFN Inspection



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