Quadra 7

Facts & Figures

  • Tube Power: 20W
  • Feature Recognition: < 0.1µm (100nm)
  • Imaging: 70° Oblique Views Without Loss of Magnification
  • Flat Panel: Aspire FP™ 6.7 Megapixel @ 30fps with 50µm pixel pitch


The Quadra 7 offers sub-micron resolution, reliability and performance helping users produce premium high quality products. Additionally our in-house sealed transmissive tube offers greater throughput with continuous service as there is no need for regular filament changes.

Quadra Series. The Complete X-Ray Inspection Solution

Quadra 7 is the X-ray inspection and failure analysis tool of choice in a wide range of industries, including electronics packaging and wafer level manufacturing, automotive, energy and aerospace electronics inspection, and medical device and LED fabrication. Choose Quadra 7 to see the clearest features at the highest magnification, today, and for all your products in the future.

Better Clarity

Up to 6.7 MP images provides incredible brightness, contrast, spatial resolution, depth of feld and grey scale for clearer images and easier analysis.

Stay Sharp

The QuadraNT X-ray tube provides unbeatable images with high resolution at high magnification. With up to 10 W target power at 0.1 μm feature recognition or up to 20 W target power at 0.3 μm feature recognition the QuadraNT delivers sharp clear images.

Easy to use

The ergonomically designed cabinet is tailored to optimize how a user interacts with the system. The intuitive Gensys inspection software enables operators to be up and running in seconds.

Inspect Quicker

Live enhanced inspection technology up to 30 fps means real-time image processing giving the best images quickly to maximize throughput.

Additional Capabilities

The Quadra 7 is supported by a large range of accessories

  • Overview

    The revolutionary Nordson DAGE X-Plane gives you the ultimate flexibility to create 2D X-ray slices in any plane of a sample without the need to cut the board. Makes inspecting multilayer boards or packages simple.

  • Uses

    • Show position and size of voids on BGA, CSP, QFN, LGA, IGBT, etc
    • Identify Head on Pillow and open joints
    • Separate different layers on Package on Package (PoP) or Multi-Chip Module (MCM)
    • Control quality of thru-hole joints and vias
  • Micrometer Feature Recognition

    As electronic assemblies and manufactured products become smaller and more densely populated, quickly creating high quality computed tomography (CT) models of complicated structures is more important than ever for quality control and failure analysis.

    The µCT Inspection System Option generates premium quality CT models with μm accuracy in little time, making defect inspection and investigation fast and easy.

  • See Everything

    CT allows you to see features that may be obscured in 2D images, opening up a new level of inspection. View microplanes of your sample in any orientation. Renderand explore 3D reconstructions to see defects clearer.

  • CT When You Need It

    Get results quickly when you need them. The removable CT sample tray features a single cable connection, making it quick and easy to switch from 2D to 3D inspection.

  • Overview

    The Heated Stage is specifically designed to observe solder paste flow in real time. The ability to simulate the temperature environment of a thermal oven or that of an external environment makes viewing voids and edefects a must for in-depth analysis.

  • Benefits

    • Research and failure analysis labs will benefit from the ability to accurately and quickly prototype or investigate samples
    • Sites can quickly determine thermal oven profiles along with properties of solder paste compounds
    • Failures in the field due to high thermal conditions can be examined in a controlled process
    • Suitable for BGA, LED, IGBT, material testing and joint interfaces
  • Features

    • Up to 350°C
    • 45° oblique angle view
    • Export movies and data
    • Provision for cover gas (e.g. Nitrogen) for inert operation to eliminate oxidization
    • Oxygen monitor
    • Programmable heat profiles
    • Top and bottom heating elements for even heat distribution


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